90% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

The Vita Shield has demonstrated 90% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) when tested in accordance with EN14683 (Medical face masks – Requirements and test methods). This result exceeds the specification set in the Belgium and French standards for community masks of >70% BFE.



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Vita Shield is Covid-19 Centexbel Approved

Vita Shield has passed the CWA 17553:2020 (European workshop agreement for face coverings) from the independent test house, Centexbel. During testing, our face covering filtration efficiency for 3 micron particles was recorded at 98% compared to the minimum pass rate of 70% and passed the air permeability (or breathability) at 319 l/(m2/s) compared to the standard requirement of >96 l/(m2/s). The filtration efficiency test simulated the wearer’s experience of exhaling droplets and aerosol particles that may spread the virus by capturing these when we cough, sneeze or talk, while the air permeability test demonstrates the face covering allows the wearer to breathe easily.

The test requires the face covering to be washed and dried after its initial test and then retested, to ensure re-use claims. Our Vita Shield face covering retained 98% filtration efficiency, showing no reduction in performance.

Vita selects the right materials

The advanced polymer used for these face coverings is from a range of polyurethane foams selected and approved for use in hygiene applications and is tested extensively in the UK and Europe for volatile organic compounds (voc) to ensure that the cleanest products possible are used. Vita Shield face coverings are produced in a range of sizes. Please refer to health authority and government guidance on suitability of face coverings for children and vulnerable people.


Care Instructions

Hand Wash Instructions

  1. Fill a bowl with ‘luke warm’ water and any neutral detergent. Place the Vita Shield inside the bowl and begin to wash.
  2. Gently wash the suds with your fingers for a few minutes.
    Remove the Vita Shield from the bowl and rinse under the tap.
  3. Tightly squeeze the face covering to remove water.
  4. Fill a bowl with boiling hot water and safety place the vita shield inside. Leave for one minute.
  5. After one minute safely remove the face covering and leave to cool down for one minute.
  6. Squeeze the face covering between the fingers to remove water and hang to dry in a cool environment.
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly after hanging to dry.

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Machine Wash Instructions

  1. Hand wash in cool water before use and allow to air dry.
  2. After each use place in a laundry bag (or a pillowcase) and machine wash at 60°C, do not use fabric conditioner or tumble dry, do not dry clean and do not iron.
  3. Hang in a cool environment to dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put my face covering on safely?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before you touch the face covering.
  2. Raise the face covering to nose level, then place the bands around your ears.
  3. Pull the bottom of the face covering down, over your mouth and chin.

How do I remove my face covering safely?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before you touch the face covering.
  2. Reach back to touch the ear loops. Do not touch the front of your face covering (it may be contaminated).
  3. Lift the loops up, then remove the face covering from your face.
  4. Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitiser).

Will this face covering help prevent the spread of viruses including COVID-19?

It is a scientific fact that experiments have shown that wearing a face covering properly can significantly reduce the droplets and aerosols ejected from a person’s nose and mouth. When you wear a face covering that fits properly, little or no droplets are released into the atmosphere when you cough or sneeze. It is important to wear a face covering properly to reduce the potential spreading of the virus. Many Countries have made the wearing of face covering mandatory, or highly recommended, although views are still being formed. For Country specific guidance we recommend you consider the guidelines issued in your country of residence. Vita Shield is not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE). This product is not packed in a sterile environment.

Can I Return or Exchange my face covering?

Face coverings are considered personal items which are sealed for health protection and hygiene reasons, and as such may not be exchanged or returned for re-sale where they have been unsealed following delivery. Face coverings will be replaced only if defective in description, materials or construction.

Is this PPE?

This is not PPE and does not replace any PPE you are required to wear in your workplace.

What is government guidance?

Please check your government and local heath authority web site for the latest information.

I have asthma, is it safe for me to use?

For some people with asthma, wearing a face covering might not be easy and could make it feel harder to breathe. Please check government and local health authority guidance.

Why should I consider a face covering rather than using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

  1. It is vitally important that we keep surgical masks and respirator masks (N95 equivalent) available for the front line medical services.
  2. To support the advice for people to wear face coverings, in a bid to keep surgical masks available for health and care workers, Vita has produced Vita Shield which is a re-usable, washable and non-medical face covering.

What is Bacterial Filtration Efficiency?

  1. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency or BFE is a measurement of a face covering material’s resistance to penetration of bacteria. Results are reported as percent efficiency and correlate with the ability of the fabric to resist bacterial penetration. Higher numbers in this test indicate better barrier efficiency.
  2. The French and Belgium standards for community masks have a minimum requirement of 70% BFE.
  3. Vita Shield has been tested at an independent accredited test centre and achieved 90% BFE

What does Breathability mean?

Breathability is the ability of a material to allow moisture vapour to be passed through the material. The higher the breathability the more can pass through and the more comfortable the face coverings is for the wearer.